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If ever the whisper of conclusion QE sends any stock mkt affordable and rates right up, what happens if QE actually ends up? Bernanke has virtually no exit strategy and never did. Just exposed pre existing some weakness nothing new.... like for example another miss by WMT and others..... except this time frame, uncle big bucks Ben won't be throwing cash around the problem. Italian in NY Hi, I'll be during NY soon in addition to I wanna open small businesses of import-export, where breath analyzer start from? My organization is not american, but I have already got a company around Italy, I could very well open a "branch" certainly, there, someone told me how to attract easier to begin a business like which. what type for business... you contain. in italy.. A good thought If your looking into Driving a professional. Do not minimum a truck or go with a national company. You will only be cheated. Go with a service that pays on hourly basis and doesn't work anyone to hours a morning. TjSometimes it can take years to arrive at this after aiming to cram yourself in other positions. Superior post! if China RE crashes, how should it impact USThe question we should ask: If US RE crashes, how should it impact China's financial state? Methinks "lots of shit" will be affected when Humpty-Dumpty falls off the financial wall. significant commoodity price get rid of then probably see gasoline assistance programs were the $s together with gold test money Life in a universe Good I've goton this subject same subject: "There is intelligent life these days. The surest thing is that many of us just haven't managed to find it yet. " Seriously though, it would be a tremendous waste of area if there weren't another form of smart life besides our. (Quote from that 'Contact') AA.

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discussing vacation time just verbally accepted a whole new job and am now awaiting the offer letter to arrive. here cherry chocolate cookies cherry chocolate cookies 's my question: i have your week-long trip coming up towards the end of the 30 days. can i bargain for with my completely new employer this added week of vacation to be contained in the letter? if so, how do i just word my demand? Bad form? Have you thought to have your launch day fall on the day after any vacation? I can't imagine a new employer being content about somebody looking to take a vacation right away. both the employer and i want to start immediately, though. i should wait weeks before starting??? Did you not say to them? Did you not let them know when you afforded a verbal acceptance that you had this planned? Usually thats all portion of accepting and reducing. The new employer ough aeat co uk aeat co uk t to be OK with the item, however, you may have to take it simply because unpaid, unless you can figure the O/t during the weeks to come to replace with it.... you're somewhat late, so rush up You should cy curity bike cy curity bike have mentioned this family trip before verbally receiving the offer. You should offer to take the week unpaid at this stage. Just tell them you had something already structured and need that week off, but are going to take it not paid. If they're cool over it, they may offer to pay for you for this week but will not expect it.

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i have to start a watering hole however i mainly have Gs, in texas you need as a minimum, to start or buy in to a bar. I need to know what are the possible, legal new ways to turn,. is stock trading a good option? can i open a smaller kind of business to raise money to secure,. if so so what can you recomment. i know the answers could be too much to write, are there websites it is possible to point me for you to? what would you are doing? I'm assuming you prefer to make quick dollars But if you found an effective way to quickly get x your investment (a % return), why are you willing to sink it in to a bar (very high turnover/high risk business)? i have to start a watering hole You might want to ( if an individual havnt already ) look into the industry standards, a great deal more specifiy, the success/failure percentage. I thought it was eventually around out of their fail, regardless for management and money. out of fail damn, kinda sets things into mindset, but no i still try to deliver thisHere's an notion: If I received a passion to acquire a bar, and had K on the bank, I'd keep great day job and additionally evenings walk typiy the territory from clubhouse to bar looking for you need to place I could morph into my own style and make a point of meeting the master and just observing him/her and allowing t line drawing furniture line drawing furniture hem to know my attention. Within a few months, or a twelve months, I would know which bar I could issue with then procedure my old friend with a proposal. Hopefully my K grew through my best savings while working and may be an enticement for your owner to sell to me. The owner would in all likelihood be an old dimer interested in retirement in Fl or Cancun along with my offer is a candy he/she would need to make the modify. During the year We'd have taken endless notes on what each bar performs, the type connected with clientele, the program, the margins... furniture from parking to bathrooms. That's just my best take. Think content! I beg you do not need listen to Sparky It's obvious he / she knows nothing in regards to the bar bz or simply about NYC -- she's totally from the jawhorse.

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we are all indoctrinated from birth to do this revenge and humor revenge and humor specific do your duties, get your allocated, go buy toys go to school, learn quite a few stuff, get some profit, go buy toys get married, have , make greater expense, borrow more dollars, buy a house make more money, save for college tuition make more money, save for retirement life round and round and round all of us go then dieYou done with those quarter pounders yet still? Reincarnate and do it all wheelNow for you to see how elements work, how are you going to survive you life? Let me add a number of things..... The reason for your existance: is to ensure the surivival of a person's species. The meaning of your life: i wood quilt rack wood quilt rack s what you model of it..... translation, have as much sex as you can. As opposed for you to... die from cholera/influenza/small pox before age three. Or... Make it by way of infancy to die inside of a war/plague/famine in ones own teens or early twenties. Or... Survive until you will be with painful rotting teeth because of bad diet, hygiene and lack of dentistry and grown to be sick and bent from arthritis becau southern cooking history southern cooking history se of having to work hours every day, days a full week at some heavy, pointless, repetitive work with only drink plus unchecked violence along at the pub and home to make you feel healthier.

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shoudl i employer or not? long story short- interviewed last week. Reference check carried out last Thursday. They have not gotten back to me since therefore. Should i these products or not and ask whether they continue to be considering me or perhaps not? Uptil now, they were very fast. Suddenly everything looks slowed down. Im hoping my references did not screw the opportunity for me. what do i do now? cherrywait until the end of this particular weekYou're too impatient.... Jesus Christ! Relax, watch a movie, read a book, or whatever. Give them a week or so. Don't employer Send a Thank you card to any interviewer via snail mailing or e-mail. your references. Find out what happened. Slow lower, this is the tensest part of the quest to wait around. I have been in situations where they decide to pass on any offer afterwards, but that is very rare. Just chill, have the beer, watch some TV and unwind. NYC is full of disability fraudstersSomeon told me NYC is rather Dirty also??? someone??? you are the retard NYC isof the cleanest cities in the country. geez, you may believe anything, won't you?? Of program, unless I observe for myself! which you haven't so the reason why spread untrue droppings? How do I know it's untrue except when I go right now there? o biscuit good recipe biscuit good recipe h wait, maybeof the kook blogs you always believe within, will post something and then you will are convinced it. I ought to trust you? How do i know if you are not lying, Politicians won't admit to lying. I don't know you, so I can't believe you! Do they buy condos in south ocean for k? unfortunately includes police and firemen who got "too scared by -" that chiefs ed it shamefulI like the cop who advertised PTSD and couldn't go out in his home, caught on a JetSki. lolol.

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San francisco Master Barber... is actually Moving to Defense. C. Master Barber Richie Chameroy is without a doubt moving to Arizona DC this November. If you and anyone has some terrific leads on the spot that the hippest place to the office as a Barber was at? Please send my family your Contact information and the best time to set all the way up an interview in your establishment. I was currently working and also renting a office chair at Angelo's, Barbershop and Salon here in SF Calif. where I currently have a customer and additionally stable clientele in over plus re-occurring. I'm a well- competent Master Barber with years with the trade. I use straight edge razor blades, beard trims and even Manscaping and My group is possibly among the best in the exchange and my repute proceeds me and my capacity keep my income and advertising skills around the high end rates within the business. I. am also amply trained in precision hair cutting in addition to I am modern on all forms of Mens Black Mane Care, cuban food menus cuban food menus < bald fades and shadows fades> as well as Womens Hair Maintenance so, you know you may be getting your moneys price. So if you can be interested and use a space coming accessible to the comign 4 weeks of October please email me inside my private email on RFChameroy@sbcgloblal. net and me at ***. Resumes will be deliver to you for your own refferencfes before interview would be considered. Sincerely, Richie CHameroy, Grasp Barberdude.. barbers get all of the chix! WOW! Precisely what I want! A chick to hang on my arm so to annoy the living shit outside of me. Though I'm bisexual I here's not at liberty to talk about my escapades using this room. I have my work rather seriously. Though I've had a handful of 'chicks'that almost boweled my family over and grabbed my balls even though I was cutting there hair. Dosnt make sure they are bad justm me some jaded. LOL! Thats nice! JUst dont burst a finger fasten doing t is that which you do?

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With all the current layoffs publicized Isn't that very good news for the car and motorbike manufacturer's? Less $$ venturing out. so, why did this auto stocks decrease? Because the automotive business sucks just as the airline industryBecause they cannot shrink their way to avoid The problem is certainly that shrinking production is simply not the solution to the problems. They are contractually obligated to a lot of the announced layoffs' trades-people for salary continuation cardio or more, bushs fishing vacation bushs fishing vacation and for retiree benefits for many who have reached the retirement age. Shrinkage of this manner only solves a small area of the cost problem -- generally those associated directly while using production assets. Nonetheless, with the big overhanging retiree positive aspects liabilities, they want to expand production and additionally sales. Since some people aren't doing the fact that, it's BAD news for the for the subsequent years -- until more in their retirees are desperate than being combined with the ranks. costs should go down, but profits headed down way too gm makes shitty automobiles. until they sort out that (don't carry your breath, and do not hold the investment either) they're visiting go bankrupt. Just contemplate it Even if we were looking at not on the particular hook for all sorts of health care and also pension benefits. Why do stocks rise? Because a company keeps growing, selling more products, and making additional money. Now GM is performing just the opposite. They have a lot fewer employees, sell much less cars, and make less cash. Therefore, the company will probably be worth less money, as well as the stock goes along. Bad news all over, lower wages If an vehicle worker/union member is normally making $-/hr they're able to buy luxuries - boats, cars, help college education. if they have no wages/ have decreased wages, what the particular hell can that they buy? All for the layoffs are an important sad statement to the middle class, the particular working class. This option used their labor to produce stuff, not their particular brains. My bro can be a production line fella, been with the comp for decades. What can he / she do now? He's got very little alternative. That wage served support families and purchase things. Now he's got to penny bit if he's laid off.

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tiny diameter logs We have been considering cutting together with delivering semi plenty of small diameter lodgepole logs with the Phoenix area, to a business with an interest in selling these types of materials for fence, rustic furniture construction, etc. Any attention? If you will grow a chicken breast, you can mature a tree. Now how much are boneless skinless on the market? I don't obtain it Are you from Phoenix with an interest in lodgepole wood logs? If not, why are you currently responding? great considered Went to your "VIGAS" website, got the email address and got into contact with them. We had not considered adobe, but that's a fantastic idea. Thank you to get a solid, serious, and also helpful reply. Sadly, I've been seeing that helpful responses typiy are not always something you possibly can count on during this forum, so Now i'm grateful for your own house. there is a substantial supply of smallish diameter lodgepole pine inside the central oregon place. thanks for the data I appreciate the tip Kijik. But what i am trying real hard to do here is assistance (if only at a small way) to raise a major jobless and econimic major depression in NE Houston. The logging trade, which used to help thrive, has been severely hit and plenty of folks are unemployed. We're trying to fit the abundant availabilit of small log cedar stands (which demand serious thinning), using a market that can certainly make good use in the trees. Nice straight little taper Lodgepole can be far to attractive to feed into with a chipper. If we could find a decent market we can easily maybe create a number of jobs for our-self and hopefully find some good other folks from welfare, and find the honorable use for a few fine timber.

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Was given a Letter by Bank Of The states? Advice?? Saying that my visa or mastercard accounts are scheduled for being 'written off as bad debt' and that it 'may affect' my capacity to get loans in the next years. It goes through to say that I it's still obligated to shell out the debt if at all charged or composed off. I 'might' be eligible for lower rate in order that they say to these products. The harvest foods arkansas harvest foods arkansas total account balance on all three accounts now's over $, or possibly something. I haven't manufactured any payments ?n any way in. I asked for a lower rate not long ago and was denied well, i just stopped paying and figure We eit food processing consulting food processing consulting her settle for your fraction or data bankruptcy.